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There is not a single individual on this planet who does not like to have a good comfortable abode of his or her own right in the lap of Mother Nature. However, things have changed on this modern world and the requirements of people have reached a level where they want to live in homes and apartments that offer an easy access to some of the most basic living infrastructures and elementary amenities. Apart from this, the young home buyers seem to be more enthusiastic when it comes to buying homes in a sustainable environment with flawless water and power supply. With the chief objective of materializing this dream, of many home aspirants, Antriksh Commercial, one of the best builders in India has come up with its offer of smart residential apartments with the required infrastructure, perfect for all those individuals to want to have a comfortable and opulent home while being within their limited home purchase budget.

The Abode for Comfortable Living

The homes available from Antriksh Commercial are homes that reflect the lifestyle that is always desired by individuals. All residential apartments that come from Antriksh Commercial are built with the motive of transforming concrete buildings into warm homes. The buildings that we design are specifically crafted taking the services of highly experienced professionals into account. By taking the services of the best experts in this field, we ensure that the people buying our homes and residential apartments get the best conveniences and privileges of living in a city. Urban mobility is what we work for and aim to offer to our home buyers. We put in great expertise, passion and creativity in building the best homes that have the capability of taking care of all the demands and requirements of individuals. It is only because of the efforts that we have out into building homes for people that all the residential apartments, meticulously crafted by us have come up as one of the finest pieces of architecture. Our buildings have the capacity of standing the test of time without showing any signs of damage.

Apartments that Stand by Our Objective

All the residential apartments, irrespective of their specifications and size, are infested with top level environmental management and water harvesting protocols and high quality security and safety. These are things that have an important role to play especially when it comes to choosing excellent residential apartments. Individuals thinking of buying homes do not need to worry about project delivery. This is because we are adept at delivering ready flats to people either on or even before the stipulated time frame. The residential projects delivered by our team are subject to different tests that are executed by a quality control team. The tests are generally carried out for examining everything right from the structural designed that is used for creating a building to the materials used for building the flats. Therefore, if you are a beginner into home investments then you can remain fully assured of the fact that from us, you will get the best value for the money that you put into buying a home. It is only because of the efforts and the craftsmanship that we put into our building designs and structure that Antriksh Commercial has been crowned with persistent responsibility and reputation.

Affordable Homes for the Middle-Class Individuals

Give us the scope of serving you and once you consider our services, you will be fully convinced about possessing a home of your own right at the heart of the country. If you have long gone through the complicated procedure of choosing homes built by the best and the most experienced builders then this is the time for you to consider our services. Limited budget will not be a problem for you if you are considering our services. For further information on homes and the procedure of getting loans even within a constricted budget is available online. So, there is nothing for you to run here and there for knowing something important or essential. There can be absolutely no doubt in the fact that things have got a lot easier in the recent times. This is the reason why top quality builders such as Antriksh; have gained the ability of not only offering exquisite and comfortable residential apartments but even offering them within an affordable range. You also have the option of going for a home loan. However, it is necessary for you to ensure that the EMI that you will be paying does not go above 20% to 30% of the total income earned by you on a monthly basis.

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Recently, Antriksh Group has achieved several milestones of success and extension. In order to make most of these achievements, administration and management are planning to provide more and more elegant yet affordable housing options under the supervision of Delhi Housing Scheme. It is important for you to know these upcoming housing options are falling in L-zone near Dwarka. Obviously, it would prove the biggest Smart City in Capital City-Delhi.


Dwarka Phase 2, Delhi Affordable Housing

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Urban Plaza


Urban Plaza

Diplomat Enclave

Urban Plaza

Convention Center

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